Disclosure Checks processes criminal record checks (CRB’s) for individuals and companies throughout the UK.

What is a Basic Criminal Record Check (CRB)?

The Basic criminal record can be applied for by anyone over the age of 16, and is not only restricted to specific job roles. This check can be requested by the employer and also by the candidate himself/herself. The entire process involves complete discretion. If a candidate applies for the basic CRB then the information is furnished only to him. If an organisation applies on behalf of an employee, in most cases the certificate will be furnished to the company. If it is the organisation that is conducting these disclosure checks, then it is mandatory to do it with the consent of the employee. These checks can be conducted even more than once.

What does the Basic CRB cover?

The basic CRB check includes all the detailed information covered under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. It even includes the details of any ‘unspent’ convictions registered against the name of a particular person.

How long does a Basic CRB check take to materialise?

The Basic CRB application is a user friendly process, which relies on the applicant to complete their online application and send their ID and Proof of Address documents for verification. Once this process has been completed results take approximately 10-14 working days. Certificates will be posted out. 

The cost involved per check is £41 inclusive of VAT. You can call us at 0345 257 8883 (phone)  to pay by way of credit/debit card, pay online by PayPal. 

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