Once you call us and place an order for Online DBS Check application, you can rest assured of an absolutely hassle free service. Unlike many other umbrella bodies, we carry out the entire process online which means an absolutely paperless and convenient process. It also means that your confidentiality is rest assured as the report shall only reach you, with no possibility of getting delivered to anyone else. After you fill out the online application, the form is processed directly to the DBS or Disclosure Scotland, in real time.


There are lots of benefits of Online DBS checks, kindly find some below –

With such systematic and professional procedures, our disclosure and barring service check render the following benefits:
  • A quick process
  • Effectiveness
  • Ensuring complete security of data
  • Efficient processing
  • Faster turnaround times
  • The process and application status can be tracked by applicants
  • Flawless and error free services by highly experienced staff members
Apart from cheapest CRB check and disclosure checks, the other advantages that clients experience include:
  • Completion of enhanced disclosures within as less as 5 to 7 working days
  • Complete and secure access
  • Complete application workflow
  • Secure ID Verification
  • Complete online access of applications (complete or incomplete)
  • Complete management of the information
  • Disclosure results with complete clarity in PDF format
  • Full MI reports
Thus, with our DBS checking service, not only will you get your disclosure check done at absolutely reasonable prices, but also save on postage costs. We strive to deliver in minimum processing time, as the services are time saving too. We assure zero per cent rejection of application and ensure complete security of all the information provided by our applicants.