The Code of Practice for UK Disclosure checks is published under section 122 of the Police Act 1997 (“The Act”). This code includes rules regarding the usage of the information provided to registered individuals (“Disclosure Information”) under Part V of the Act.

The Code of Practice ensures fair use of all the information furnished by the Standard and Enhanced disclosure check applicants. The code also assures that sensitive personal information shall be handled and stored safely. The information will be retained only till the time it is necessary to do so. Any guidance to employers on other matters will be issued independently.

Compulsions of the Code of Practice disclosure and barring service check:
  • Fair use of all the disclosure information provided by the applicants. Recipients of the information must use the information as per the guidelines issued by the Criminal Records bureau on the use of such information. No unfair discrimination should be done based on the revealed details. Applicants should be informed about the Code of Practice to make them aware of the guidelines issued in it for their benefit.
  • Recipients of the disclosure checks information must ensure that any disclosure information is not passed to individuals or others who are not authorised recipients of that information according to section 124 of the Act. The information can be made available only to those having access to the course of the applicant’s duties. Registered individuals or organisations should have written policies ensure correct handling and security of all such information.
  • Registered persons or organisations are expected to cooperate with bureaus with regards to assurance check requests of correct usage and safekeeping of all the disclosure information. Any violation of this code or suspected offences can be reported to the bureau.
  • Those bodies will be considered as Umbrella bodies that are registered with the Bureau. They can countersign applications on behalf of those who are not registered. Umbrella bodies must ensure that they pass on disclosure information only to those who abide by the Code of Practice.
  • The Bureau has the power to refuse disclosure if a registered person or body fails to comply with the Code of Practice.

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