Disclosure Checks processes online DBS checks for employers throughout the UK.

DBS Checks help employers to carry out background checks on their candidates and employees to ensure that no such candidate is selected who is not suitable for the position he or she has applied for. We also offer Enhanced Disclosure checks for the posts that involve a great degree of contact with children and vulnerable adults.

Our Enhanced Disclosure checks contain all the information that is available with Standard Disclosure. In addition to that, enhanced disclosure also contains local police force information that is considered significant by Chief Police Officers – DBS Children’s Barred List and DBS Adults List; information held by the Department of Education and Skills for those who are considered unsuitable or even banned from working with children, under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002.

We are a cohesive business with a close affinity with our clients and have developed strong and supportive relationships with customers through a high level of customer care.

DBS results take approximately 5 to 7 working days to materialise. Only Companies can apply for these type of checks.

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