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Fastest online Disclosure Barring Service check in the UK offers and delivers fast online processing of DBS checks and CRB checks UK wide. We also offer online processing of DBS & CRB checks, along with Enhanced Disclosure other than Basic & Standard Disclosure, if requested. Please read below to know which service as an individual or a business entity you are eligible for.


Do you know who you are hiring? That’s the question companies, charities and a whole range of other organisations need to be asking to ensure that the backgrounds of those being appointed to positions have been thoroughly checked, particularly if individuals are required to operate in sensitive areas or specific roles.


The checks are simple, easy to access and are conducted either online or in black & white. We can then verify them within a short span of time to enable an applicant to begin to start working as their employer requires.

There are various levels of checks – CRB checks (Criminal Record Bureau), Standard DBS checks (Disclosure Barring Service), Enhanced DBS checks or Volunteer DBS checks.

CRB’s are for individuals while others are profession specific with enhanced checks, for example, professions such as care workers, nursery workers, doctors, dentists and teachers.


It is important to note that individuals can only apply for CRB checks whereas higher level or specific DBS checks must be applied for the prospect employee by a company or organisation on their behalf. We can advise clients, address any queries on applications and point people in the direction of the checks that they specifically need.

So Why Use Disclosure Checks?

  • Free registration. You do not need to pay a penny for the registration.
  • Absolutely competitive and reasonable pricing.
  • Secure and complete online facilities, as well as paper applications
  • All types of applications – basic, standard and enhanced, can be processed online.
  • Online Applications can be easily tracked online.
  • The company and individual can have a personal online portal and tracking system.
  • Assurance of full confidentiality and security of information.
  • Complete account management.

We offer the fastest online disclosure barring service check service in the UK.

You can reach our dedicated staff at 0345 257 8883 (phone) or e-mail your queries to

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